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Lacey Mark kisses Nick Viall on ‘The Bachelor’ episode 2

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Lacey Mark, dressed in pink, stands on her tiptoes to kiss bachelor Nick Viall.

Syracuse University alumna Lacey Mark kissed bachelor Nick Viall this week on “The Bachelor,” a display of the show’s classic brand of notorious relationship drama. The kiss happened during the first group date.

This week, contestants were divided into two group dates, while Viall privately selected one lucky lady for a one-on-one date. Group dates are typically more flirtatious and fun for everyone, while the one-on-one date can be more romantic.

That was certainly true for this episode. Mark went on the first group date, which was a fun, wedding-themed photo shoot. But instead of wearing typical wedding gowns, the contestants wore something different.

Alexis, who last week wore a “left shark” costume while claiming it was a dolphin, had the honor of being part of the shotgun wedding photoshoot. Several of the photoshoots had bridesmaids. Mark was one of those bridesmaids, sporting a dusty rose strapless gown with white trim.

During this photoshoot, Mark took the opportunity to kiss Viall, saying “tastes like Danielle.” It is not quite clear which of the season’s Danielle’s she is referring to, though judging by the amount of air time and seemingly apparent chemistry, she would be talking about midwest sweetheart Danielle M.

During this same photoshoot, Corinne, clad in a white bikini, took her top off while posing for the camera in a swimming pool. Her racy actions incited jealousy and built on the negative reputation she coined last week by becoming the first to kiss the Bachelor.

In a confessional, Mark described Corinne’s actions as “wildly inappropriate.”

Nevertheless, Corinne received the rose for that challenge, keeping her safe, awarding her extra alone time with Viall and securing her as a competition front-runner to the other contestant’s displeasure.

Mark said, “if I had taken my shirt off, would I have got the rose?”


Courtesy of ABC

Viall took Danielle M. on a one-on-one date where they went for a helicopter ride, relaxed in a hot tub, ate a candlelit dinner and rode on a ferris wheel. During the date, Danielle told Viall about how an ex-fiancee overdosed during their engagement. Viall gave her a rose, and Danielle said her conversation with Viall was the best that conversation has ever turned out.

For the second group date, Viall took the remaining ladies to the Museum of Broken Relationships for an improvisational acting breakup. Most of them were in a joking tone — notably, Josephine slapped Viall without warning, inciting vicious giggling and laughter from the ladies and Viall himself.

Liz got real with her breakup scene, recounting her past history with Viall in poetic structure and tone. The two met at a wedding, and after several drinks, had sex. He asked for her phone number and she declined. He felt slightly off-put when she appeared on the show, and later after Liz’s performance, the two had a conversation about the whole situation. Viall decided it was best to discontinue their relationship and sent her home. The episode ended with him telling all the other contestants about that night.

In the next episode, viewers will see the fallout from Viall’s confession. Episode 3 of season 21 will air next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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